Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Little Digger

We're starting to think that Calvin will work construction when he gets older!  He seriously sits outside all day in a pile of dirt and rolls toy tractors around.  Then, when he does come inside, he likes to push tractors around on the train table or in front of the TV while he watches Bob The Builder--this week his favorite episode is "On-site: Skyscrapers."
It's been fun driving around town for him too.  The LBJ freeway is under heavy construction right now.  He's in the back seat screaming out, "Mom! An excavator....another excavator.  Look at the bulldozer!  It has track wheels!  A skid steer!  A back hoe loader!  Three cranes!"  He's quite knowledgeable about each tractor, its name, its special parts and what it's used for.
And for bed time stories, he always pulls out a pile of tractor books to go through.  We have to stop on each page for a few minutes while he rattles on about how special tow trucks take big rigs to the repair shop or how the fork lifts are used on garbage trucks to lift the cans up.  His birthday is a few months off, but he's already asking for a garbage truck and a crane with a wrecking ball.
He's a funny kid and we sure love him!

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